Monday, April 8, 2013

If you're lucky enough to be at the beach, you're lucky enough!

A month has come and gone since we've been to the beach and I'm just now posting! I must say that it was cold almost everyday we were there. Like cold! We had one day that made it to 66 and was sunny and we soaked it up!! But, like they say, "If you're lucky enough to be at the beach, you're lucky enough!" Indeed!!

Because of the aforementioned cold weather, most mornings were not conducive to braving the beach. The mornings were in the 40's and with the sea air, it felt colder. So, we bundled up and ventured out from the condo! We went to Baytowne and Seaside and had a blast! In Baytowne, we let the boys choose an activity they wanted to do. No surprise that Charlie chose the ginormous trampoline, as did Miles, while Luke chose to brave the zipline!

Don't worry, Baby Way's not ready for that just yet! Our morning at Seaside was fun too! We took in the view and ate some YUMM-O shrimp at the Shrimp Shack--a little dive, high prices, yummy food and great views!

But though that was fun, it wasn't why we went to Destin! We wanted to be together, as a family, and hang out on the beach!! So, we did--bundled up on most days, we played our little hearts out! Frisbee, tag (lots of tag), paddle ball, hole digging, exploring, walks, seashell finding, wave chasing, very little book reading and more playing tag!


Baby Way stay mainly bundled up and protected, but he ventured out some, especially on the warmest day. He didn't like the paparazzi at first, but he came around. . .

It was his first time on the beach, so we made sure it was documented. Umm, like that wouldn't have happened!

We truly had a wonderful time and we all want to go back. Now. Right now!

 Happy Spring Break 2013! We love you, Destin! Until next time!

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Anonymous said...

Great pictures and glad you had fun despite the cooler temps. Love little Ways toes touching the sand! Those were some big holes the boys dug! We'll check them out and see if they are still there...yes, if you're lucky enough to be at the beach, you're lucky enough. Can't wait - Destin here comes Mimi and Grandpa.


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