Friday, November 23, 2012

we are thankful

This Thanksgiving we are thankful for. . .

geckos, elephants, our boys, my husband, my wife, school holidays, playing choo-choo, Mommy and Daddy, my brothers, sweet attitudes, beautiful sunsets from work, God's love, Fernando, Mommy taking naps with me, God, our country, sports, our President, family, everyone in our extended family, our friends, fall leaves, the ocean and its beauty, our newest addition, lovies to sleep with, the sunrise on the way to work, the boys school, our church and church family, that Jesus died on the cross for us, friends who loves us, when friends play with me at school, praise music, snakes (seriously?), time to play Mario with Mommy and Daddy (i know, i know), laughter from my boys, date nights, sleep, doctors, warm blankets, special treats, grace and forgiveness, baby snuggles, the boys teachers and so much more!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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