Tuesday, November 20, 2012

a JK Thanksgiving feast

Today was the highly touted JK Thanksgiving feast in Charlie's class! Because we had been before in Luke's JK class, we knew what to expect and we were excited! I remember being excited with Luke because we didn't know what to expect at the "feast" and also because he was our first child to have any sort of program. This time around, I think I was excited to celebrate with Charlie, see his pack of friends and observe him in his surroundings without his big brother. See, little Chuckles LOVES his big brother and we often find him following along and doing whatever Lukey tells him to do or doing whatever Lukey is doing. So it's fun to see who Charlie is when his big brother isn't influencing him for good or bad! :)

AND. . .the Thanksgiving feast was cute! All the little kiddos were proud to present what they have learned about the very first Thanksgiving, Pilgrims and Native Americans. Each boy and girl had a Native American name and were adorned with Indian headdresses and outfits. Charlie and his friends sang songs for the parents, after telling us what they had learned, and then served us the Thanksgiving stew their class had made! It was tasty too!

This Thanksgiving, I am thankful for Luke and Charlie's school, Charlie's teacher, who was clearly chosen by the Lord to wrangle all that boy energy, and Charlie's little friends--who make it fun for Charlie to go to school!
Here's little Red Feather (being shy at first, of course)

We love you, Red Feather! Thanks for sharing your Thanksgiving feast with us!

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Anonymous said...

That's the cutest little "Red Feather" I've ever seen. How precious! Love Mimi


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