Thursday, October 4, 2012

2 months!

First off, let me start by saying, "Welcome October!" so glad you are here! Even though you have brought us the stomach bug (which I don't really blame on you, October), I am always thrilled by the other smells, sights and happenings you bring---including our weather!!! How rockin' has that been?!!!So bring on the pumpkins, caramels, hay rides and candy corn! We are ready!

On another note, our little Way turned 2 months! He had his big appointment for his 2 month shots today---however, since he is one of our family members who has had the throw-ups, he didn't get his shots. I'm fine with that. Because Miles had his 2 year appt. today and he did get his shots and he told us in various (non-fun) ways all about it! So, having only one kiddo get shots was plenty. Baby Way weighed 10lbs. 7 oz and that's after he was sick all last night! So he's in the 25th% for weight and the 25th-50th% on the typical child chart! Hooray! He had a great exam--our pediatrician still didn't hear a heart murmur, but we will have Way's heart follow up with his cardiologist in a couple of weeks. Way's still not smiling, really. He's had a smile or two, here or there, but it's not a social smile. I. Cannot. Wait. Cannot wait to have his little smile respond to me, his Mommy! Ooooooh, how I love getting that first real smile, with all of my babies! It makes all that we do worth it, ya know? I love this little snuggle bug---here he is at 2 months old!


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