Sunday, September 23, 2012

mission accomplished!

Sometimes, my camera, that I absolutely love, just isn't handy when I need it. I'm talking about when my husband frantically knocks on the front door, and I stop the process of putting Way down for a nap to answer the door, and he says excitedly, "You gotta come see this!" So, I run back and put Way in his crib, grab my phone (because I know he's been working on teaching Luke to ride his bike) and run out the door to see what's going on!

Sure enough, there's my oldest, riding his bike! Ooooh hooray! If you only knew how badly I've been wanting him to learn! This has been on my list of things I wanted Luke to accomplish for over a year now. Yes, my list. Luke hasn't had much of a desire to learn. The kids in our old neighborhood were older and he never played with them. The 1 or 2 kids his age, were girls and were into other things, and just not interested in riding bikes either. So basically, he never saw his own friends riding bikes---and never was motivated to do so. I, however, remember how long it took me to learn. I was even older and it bothered me--and I didn't want it to bother him. So, I'll be the first to admit, that when all of Luke's friends learned how to ride a bike at the age of  4 or 5 or 6, I felt the pressure for him---not Luke---and certainly not from his friends---just me!

But now, thanks to his Daddy taking him out this week to practice, Luke has done it! On the cusp of turning 7, he's learned how to ride his bike! Now, it's just "practice makes perfect" time!

Thank goodness for my phone--a quick grab--for some milestone pics!


Molly Witherington said...

Yay, Luke!!! You know Charlie won't be too far behind as he'll want to be just like big bro! I think Kate will be 8 or 9 before she does this, but Rainer will follow suit quickly.

Aunt Mary! said...

Go Pooker, Go!


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