Thursday, April 5, 2012

thoughts this Thursday

some of my inner thoughts lately. . .

--Is there such thing as seller's remorse? I've heard of buyer's remorse--experienced it before, but not often. Right now though, I'm afraid I might have a smidge of seller's remorse (though technically our house isn't sold--just under contract--just want to be clear and not jinx us). I do SO love our house and yard, and well, it's our first house as a married couple and where we have brought all our babies (so far) home! Ahhhh, so emotional these days!! Pregnancy does that to ya. Who am I kidding---anything does that to me!!

--Fear is not from the Lord! He tells us in His glorious Word, not to be afraid, not to be anxious, to be still, to seek Him, to trust Him. He gives us no fear---that is from someone else. Do you know that? I do, but being completely honest here, I don't always live like I know it. In the dark of night, when I'm awake and no one else is, when there are creaks in the house and Chad is out of town, when he's out of town and I worry about other things, when one of our boys is sick, when we have to find a place to live, when money doesn't grow on trees, when schools aren't all equal, when we get a diagnosis that our precious baby will have Down syndrome, when I have no clue what that means or how it will change our family--and fearing all of the above--that is not living how the Lord wants me to live. I know that. I know that I am human too--we all are, and I am not beating myself up about it, but trying to remember all I need to remember. . .He loves us. More than anyone ever can or will. He showed us that thousands of years ago when he died on the cross and rose again!!! He made me to love Him and glorify Him through all that I do. And that is what I am praying daily--that I can do that for Him--after all He has done for me!

--and on a lighter note, the Jackson house is never boring. I'm here pondering why in the world things get put into holes in bodies that don't belong there. For example, my 6.5 year old, just today, decided to put a piece of a plastic bag into his ear. Sure enough, he couldn't get it out. Go figure. Neither could I and per suggestion via our pediatrician, the water I poured into his ear didn't remove it either. So, $25 later, after using a "grabber" our pediatrician was able to remove the plastic. She then told him that $25 was more than he had in his piggy bank (she was right) and that he might need to do some chores around the house to pay us back. After she gave him a gentle lecture on what holes are not appropriate to put items in!!! Not a bad idea. Now off to ponder how he can help us out!

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