Wednesday, March 28, 2012

my sweet day

I grew up a birthday girl as birthdays were always really big in my family! So much fun! Every year on his/her birthday, each family member got to do whatever they wanted that day---we always chose a special dinner and or activity--we were queens and a king for a day! At least that's the way my parents made us feel. Back when I was little, I never thought about Mom and Dad's birthday including, driving us to school, going to work, making lunches, etc. basically still taking care of my sister and me.

So now, as a parent, it's not as if we get to "take the day off" entirely, but it's even better! This past Monday was my birthday. I turned 30+1 (+1, +1, +1, etc.)! I was given balloons (my fave) and Chick-Fil-A chicken biscuits for breakfast----anything better than that? I think not! Luke and Charlie headed to school and Miles and I went for a nice stroll at Shelby Farms. Talked with and got messages from lots of friends and family, met Chad for lunch, met our dear friends, the Tenents for a zoo trip (one of my favorite places to go), and headed to Five Guys (YUM) for dinner with our little Jackson family and my big family. After dinner, we got a babysitter and I took Chad to see the Hunger Games--well he took me, but it was all my desire! Anyway, a truly fun and special day was had and it left me feeling super thankful for my family and friends---not that I don't always! :) My Auntie Jan always tells us that whatever you do on your birthday, you will do the whole year! So, I think I have an awesome year ahead---filled with family and friends! I love you all!

Luke, Parker, Charlie and Elizabeth had a blast at the dino exhibit! Abe and Miles were with us, but hanging in the stroller---much safer that way!

Five Guys is one of Charlie's fave places strictly for the peanuts!! In fact, we had to leave the zoo to go to dinner and Luke was upset (because he wanted to see even more animals) but Charlie screamed, "Yay! We get to go eat peanuts!!"

I love Luke's face in this pic! He was so excited to give me my present---which turned out to be fun, dangly earrings!

Mary and Kevin

and Mom and Dad came to celebrate with us!

Oh! I almost forgot, we went to Baskin-Robbins for a yummy treat after dinner. My fave cupcake place is closed on Mondays, but some peanut butter and chocolate ice cream, hit the spot!! Luke loved his treat too!

Miles, on the other hand, thought Daddy's ice cream was TOO cold!! Nice face! :)

And to the man I love, thank you making my birthday so sweet!


Anonymous said...

We love you and had a blast on your birthday too!

Still always,

Anonymous said...

Great photos - thanks for sharing your birthday with us...we also love 5 Guys now! ha ha Love you, Mom

Aunt Mary! said...

What a special day when we all get to celebrate my Biffer! Love you and glad you had an amazing day - you deserve it!

-Aunt Mary

Anonymous said...

Love the new header. Where's the new blog?



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