Wednesday, December 14, 2011

it was bound to happen

Yep. This was our first trip to an Urgent Care for one of our littles. It was bound to happen, you know, having 3 boys and all! At around 5:30 last night, Luke and Charlie were rough housing. Not all that unusual. They are boys. They are physical. They have energy. It had been cold for a while (though today is quite warm) and dark early. It all just adds up to them wrestling and a big brother pushing a little brother into a wall. I was downstairs on the phone when I heard a bang and LOTS of loud crying. Hung up the phone and went up to hug and console Charlie. I pulled away from him to look at his face and get him to talk to me when I saw it. Blood everywhere!! I mean, pouring from the side of his head. I remembered that head wounds always bleed a lot, but this just seemed like A LOT!!! I kinda panicked and ran him to the bathtub, all the while he was screaming a break-the-glass kind of scream. I called Chad, though I knew he was driving to a meeting and told him I wasn't sure what to do. How do I know if it's just a lot of blood or serious enough for stitches? He didn't know. I called a couple of other mom friends to consult and ended up deciding to take him to Urgent Care. As I was gathering him and getting him dressed with blood still oozing, scooping up Miles and telling Luke to get his shoes on, Daddy walks in the door!

After a night to reflect. . .

Praise the Lord that Chad stayed home with Miles and Luke because Chuckles and I spent almost 3 hours in the Urgent Care (with all of the rest of our city) and the others could not have lasted that long! Praise the Lord that Rudolph was on in the lobby, even if it was quickly over! It was a good distraction! Praise the Lord for the numbing pack they put on Charlie, which took 45 minutes to take effect! Praise the Lord for a blue ice pop that quickly took Charlie's mind off of the 2 STAPLES that went in his head! Praise the Lord that I didn't faint when I watched and heard the staples go in! Praise the Lord that though I never want that to happen again, I would take that anyday over broken bones or much worse. Praise the Lord that He made Chuckles tough and brave! I was just so proud of him as he was slightly nervous, but so trusting and easily reassured! Praise the Lord that He gave us the wisdom to take him in to Urgent Care!

And, even after the events of last night, sweet Chuckles was ready to go for his little Christmas program this morning! He's front and center and did a wonderful job singing Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, Joy to the World and We Wish You a Merry Christmas! My brain was still a little frazzled and I forgot my camera. Thank you, Ashley, for taking a few pics for us!! We loved your program, Charlie! And, we love you!!!

Thank you, Lord, for taking care of your precious Charlie!

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Brittany said...

So sorry Linley! I know that was scary and definitely not fun. Thankful for all the praises...especially Chad coming home to help with the others.


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