Tuesday, November 29, 2011

stuffin' it in and wrapping up, now that we are stuffed and about to wrap. . .

Wrapping up Thanksgiving before the real wrapping begins. . .

This year we went over the river and through the woods to Mimi and Grandpa's lakehouse in SC. What a fun trip it was! For starters, we were able to celebrate Thanksgiving together and with my sister and Kevin--their first year as a married couple! Over a few short days in SC we stayed up late playing Catch Phrase, watched some good (Baylor) and some sad (Penn State) football games, ate lots and lots, went on a couple of hikes, made s'mores, celebrated Mom's birthday, watched movies, and enjoyed some wonderful quality time together! Because we all live in the same city, you'd think we would get together often and this would be a regular occurrence, but it's not. We all have busy lives and different calendars and are in different stages of life. Sure, we get together, and it's great when we do, but sometimes it takes a trip away together to soak it all in! And that's just what we did!!

We loved going on the hike to the waterfall in NC. Luke was so excited about possibly seeing a bald eagle. He didn't, but did see 7 birds of prey on the trip up and back! 

And one of our favorite parts of the trip was making s'mores for the first time with our boys! I might have enjoyed them the most--not sure if you can tell with my BIG open mouth!!

We are so very thankful for our entire family! The Lord has blessed us beyond belief!


Anonymous said...

Great blog, babe. Thanks.


Aunt Mary said...

Great pictures!

(P.S. Why am I such a freak?)


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