Wednesday, November 2, 2011

keeping it real

I'm one of very few people I know that doesn't have a "smart" phone. It seems that on Monday, everyone was posting pics of their precious kiddos in their Halloween costumes on Facebook via their phone. Take a picture, post it on Facebook and voila, in no time, friends can see your treasures ready to head out for some sugar! Well, not only do I not have that capability (I have my camera to take the pics and then have to upload them at a later point and edit them if I so choose), but our Halloween was quite crazy.

We were in a rush to get out of the door, because Chad was heading out at 6:15 that night to catch a plane for a quick day trip meeting in Chicago. Of course, though our plans were to be done with dinner, dressed and ready to head out for a bit before Chad left, it didn't happen. It was still lighter outside than I thought it would be, Charlie hadn't eaten much dinner, and Miles still wasn't dressed. AND, I hadn't taken a picture of my littles all dressed up. So, around our house you could hear, "Charlie, hurry up! Honey, where is Miles' costume? Boys, stand over here. No. Move closer to your brother. BOYS, look at Mommy! Babe, I've got to go." Then cue our friendly neighbors, who all wanted to talk (which is normally great), while Chad just wanted to go to a couple of houses before he pulled out. He ended up leaving frustrated and I was left feeling frustrated not to have great pics and not to have met my husband's expectations, and not to have all gone together happily trick or treating! (Though, thankfully, the boys did have a great time and were oblivious to their parents expectations of the evening).

These things happen. Not everything is perfect. My friend Brittany posted about the bloggy world showing sweet little pics, and telling dreamy stories, and making stellar crafts, etc. etc. and how that's not the way life always is. I agree. I know I've shared about hard days before. And while I love to share about my family and things on my heart---sometimes they are wonderful memories and sweet pics, but sometimes not. Just because I don't always write about the crazy days we've had, doesn't mean we aren't crazy! I would never want anyone to read this blog and think "Boy, she or they have it all together!" My hope is that instead, you read and feel comfortable and know that our family is real, just like yours!

So, here are our less than stellar Halloween pics, not on Halloween night like many others, but already into November! Hope you all are enjoying the beginning of this thank-filled month!

First up, our ninja! This was taken before Halloween, so it's decent! Cute little boy, determined to be fierce!

Next up, Spiderman! Sweet thing struggled all night with his eye holes and ended up just wearing his mask up on top of his head like sunglasses!

And finally, cute baby cow! He did not want to be still for a shot so we could see just how adorable he was, but trust me, he was! Instead, here he is crawling in the grass, much like a cow (not that cows crawl)!

Last but not least---my attempt at capturing all 3 trick or treaters. Not perfect, but cuties nonetheless!

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Brittany said...

Thanks for keeping it real! Its often hard to do. I think your boys look precious!


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