Friday, October 28, 2011

favorite moments Friday!

This week has been a whirlwind. But, it's been good! Heartwarming. Lots of sweet moments. Encouraging moments! Seeing our boys grasp God's Word even more. Watching my hubby pour out his love on our littles and me. Getting some precious one on one time with each of my boys. Finishing yet another fantastic book this year. I could go on. No, not every moment of everyday has been stellar. It never is. But, I'm thankful for it all!

Some of my favorites of the week. . .

A beautiful orange Fall sunset

Pumpkin carving on a World Series game night! It's tradition in our house to do so! P.S. Did you see last night's game? Unbelievable! Here's to Game 7 and I must say, we are cheering for the Rangers in our house!

Going with Charlie on his first field trip! I loved it!

My favorite month (though it rivals December) is coming to a close, but not before a Fall Fest party, trick or treating at Daddy's work, a birthday party, Sunday worship, the Taylor Swift concert, and Halloween! I like this kind of busy!

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