Friday, November 11, 2011

five things Friday

Five random thoughts and things this Friday. . .

1. This week, as a loyal Penn State fan, has been tough. This week as a mother of young boys, in light of the horrific incidents in State College has been beyond tough. I so wish I could express everything that has been on my heart, but I don't know how. Words cannot express. My heart is breaking for those children first and foremost, and for Penn State University.

2. On a much needed and lighter note. I love fall. It seemed to take a while for it to get here this year (and with the forecast in the 70's next week--it's not the fall I think of) but I love the beauty of the leaves, those that are still on our trees!

3. Last year our family made a thankful chain and each added something we were thankful for everyday. This year, we made a thankful tree. We've really enjoyed adding to our tree daily. It melts me to hear our boys chime in with their thanksgiving! No doubt that sea creatures and birds of prey have made it on our tree, courtesy of our 6 year old!

4. Next week is Operation Christmas Child's National Collection Week. I'm excited to head out this weekend for our family's yearly tradition of going to the dollar store to find goodies and necessities for children all over the world who haven't heard of Jesus Christ and who won't get a Christmas without these shoe boxes. Did you know that American Idol's Scotty McCreery is demonstrating how to pack a shoe box this year?

5. Okay, lemme make it 4 things Friday! Happy weekend to all!

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