Wednesday, October 12, 2011

6 years old!

It's birthday season around here! On Monday, our little Lukey turned 6! I think I thought 5 was old last year, but 6 is really old! I think I've thought every age he reaches is old (since he's our first to reach each age), but seriously, 6 is old. It seems Lukey has been building up 6 to be old too. You should have heard him around the house as 6 approached. "When I'm 6, I will get to watch Star Wars (really?)!" "When I'm 6, I will get to have Sprite (really?)!" "When I'm 6, I will get to. . ." you name it, he's probably planned it. And while we have never promised a Star Wars viewing when he turned 6 (maybe he will, maybe not), we did secretly plan to surprise him with Sprite on his big day!

Lucky Lukey had Fall Break on his birthday, so we planned a special day which included going to his favorite restaurant, The Flying Fish. Daddy, Mommy, Miles, Mimi, Grandpa, Aunt Mary and now Uncle Kevin all joined in on the lunch. Only Charlie had school that day, so he celebrated Lukey at our family dinner that night. We told Luke that he could have one present at lunch, but it wasn't one he could open. Luke was baffled, but in typical Lukey style, he processed and tried hard to figure it out! After we ordered, we headed to the fountain area to get our drinks. He, of course, saw the Sprite sign and was thrilled, but went to get water. When Chad told him he could get Sprite, his eyes were as big as dinner plates!! Sooooo, here's our beyond excited 6 year old and his first ever Sprite!

I so wish I had his immediate reaction to drinking the first few sips. He was not expecting the bubbles or the taste! He reminded me of a baby taking his first pickle bite! Squinched up face, but still excited! He continued drinking but kept saying it tasted like salt. After several more sips, he declared he still liked milk and water better, but he did like Sprite and then asked for water with the rest of his meal! Who knew that Sprite would be a rite of passage for our little 6 year old??!

That night we grilled out burgers per birthday boy's request and celebrated with family!

We were planning on cupcakes for dessert, but our fave cupcake place is closed on Mondays, boo! So, Luke's second choice was Baskin Robbins (you know it!) and he received his own bowl of rainbow sherbert, candle and all!

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday Dear Lukey, Happy Birthday to you! Our first little baby to hold and a precious treasure you are! Lukey, we are so proud of the Lord loving, book reading, spy mastering, healthy eating, rule obeying, animal adoring, friend cherishing, soldier fanatic and so much more that you are! We love you with all of our hearts! Happy 6th Birthday!

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