Tuesday, April 5, 2011

sweet birthday present

For my birthday this year, all I could think that I really wanted from my boys was for them to let me take them (with sunny attitudes) on a photo shoot! My birthday arrived and it was pouring down rain, so a week later, we went for it! However, because Miles still takes a morning nap, the time of day wasn't great for wide eyes--everyone was squinty for sure! So, I worked with it and we found another spot with some ambiance and think I have some great shots of my boys! Thank you, precious family! If you want to see more from the shoot (Mom), click over to my photoblog.


Aunt Mary! said...

I am in love with my nephews...I can't say enough how PRECIOUS they are!

Alicia@ eco friendly homemaking said...

Oh these are some great photos!Your work is excellent and what adorable subjects you have towork with!! So glad I found your blog.

Clark Family said...

Hi lovely. Thanks so much for your sweet email! I LOVE your pictures. You truly have a gift with photography. :) hope your heart is well and Happy happy birthday to you! :)
Love, Kacy (mandy's friend)


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