Thursday, March 31, 2011

watch out below

So my last post was a "raise your hand if" post. I had one shout out with a hand raised. I'm going to try again with this one and see if anyone else wants to jump in and respond. Raise your hand if you are superstitious? Or, raise your hand if you've heard that things always come in 3's?

Well, I don't know that I would say I'm superstitious per say, but I won't open umbrellas inside or intentionally walk under a ladder. And, I do always knock on wood. So maybe I have a slight tendency to be supersitious. You may wonder why in the world I am bringing this up. Let me recap yesterday. . .

Being the super Mom I am, I would know to never leave a baby in a bouncy seat on the kitchen table. Especially if the baby is a crazy bouncing baby. Well, I being the terrible Mom I was yesterday, I did just that and it ended with Miles splat on the floor. It was horrible and dramatic and only by the grace of God is he okay. The Lord had him land on his very round and full--just plain chubby cheek and he was fine. My heart was not. Still might not be. Not a good way to start the day. Fast forward to later in the afternoon. I hear yet another crash, with my nerves already shot, and find that my dining room chandelier has fallen from the ceiling, smack onto our dining room table. What in the world?? By the end of the night I was kinda laughing about things, completely delirious and thinking a strong drink might do me some good!! I started thinking, hmmmmm, isn't there something about 3's, like bad things coming in 3's??

My mom called me today wondering what else had happened. Oh nothing at that point. But then this afternoon when I was bathing Luke, Charlie ran in to tell us that Mocha (our Beagle) was eating something. In. Miles'. room. Do you know what that was? Nope, not food. We don't have food upstairs. Hmmmm. Yep, sure enough, Mocha was eating one of Miles' dirty diapers. It was disgusting. I really can't think about it. And the clean up was terrible!! Uuuuggghhh, moving on.

So, that was thing #3. Surely we are all done, right? Anyone else have stories like this?? Please tell me you do!!!
***This is posted on March 31st, so you know I am not pulling an April Fool's joke!!!


Anonymous said...

Well, I think you're all very blessed and God is definitely looking out for you. Miles and his cute cheeks (what a blessing for him), stinky diapers/hoping Mocha isn't sick/smart boys telling you about Mocha and the chandlier/glad your table pad was on the table and no one was sitting at the table! God Bless you ALL, Love Mimi

Elisabeth Mills said...

I am cringing and laughing as I read your post! So happy that everyone is safe. Baby and bouncy seat on the floor...awful! How does a chandelier just fall from the ceiling? By the way, I have also dealt with dogs and poopy diapers. Twice.


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