Tuesday, March 15, 2011

no rush

It's Spring Break where we are, but we are having a staycation! We aren't going anywhere dreamy, but it sure feels dreamy not to have to set my alarm to get up and get ready before the kids are up. Not to have to rush around feeding a baby, making breakfast, getting kiddos dressed and out the door for school at super early o'clock! It's also nice not having to rush them to bed to ensure good sleep for school or just for good attitudes. What it all boils down to is that I like not rushing. I like not having to be anywhere if we don't want to. I like playing around the house and doing much needed odds and ends, which is what we did all day yesterday. I like playing with friends when we want to, which is what we did today and have arranged for a couple of days this week. I am thankful for Spring Break, even if we aren't heading out on a vacation, because staying home certainly feels like a vacation sometimes! You feel me?

Last night we kicked off the Spring Break week with a pizza and movie night with the boys. We sprawled out on our den floor and ate, sang, danced, cuddled and answered thousand of questions about Beauty and the Beast (our boys first ever viewing)! The big boys stayed up later than usual and nothing felt rushed, just lots of fun! Thanks, Honey, for a super night!



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Aunt Mary! said...

Sounds pretty fabulous to me! I miss Spring Break!

(Oh, I am STILL mesmerized when I watch it...mainly just because I still remember all of the words to every song, and scene...)


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