Tuesday, March 8, 2011

musically inclined

Music moves me. It motivates me. It comforts me. It engergizes me. It soothes me. It makes me speed. Well, I guess music doesn't technically make me speed, but I would swear that it sends a signal from a brain to my foot that makes me put the pedal to the metal when a favorite song comes on! I'm not sure if my passion for music came from my piano lessons (though I was really into Madonna and Michael Jackson long before piano started), or if it came from my Dad's love of the Grateful Dead that he so annoyingly made us suffer through on long road trips when we were younger. Ha!

Anyway, Chad is the same way with music. Maybe he doesn't speed to a good song, but he's moved by music too. His love for the trumpet and jazz music has made a big impact on our kiddos. When Chad was in grade school, he started playing the trumpet, taking lessons, was in all kinds of ensembles and still played while we were in college. Then, life got busy and he put the trumpet down for a bit. However, he has always picked it up and played around here and there, especially at Christmas. This past Christmas, he played a lot and really rekindled his passion for the trumpet. Our boys LOVED it and became much more familiar with Christmas songs, a lot quicker this year, thanks to Chad! Recently, he started taking lessons again. Now, we have concerts in our home almost everyday, ranging from the Star Wars theme (our boys #1 request) to Chris Botti, from Glee Songs to Les Miserables. I love that between our iPods, CD's and Chad's intimate concerts, our boys are also being introduced to all genres of music!

I think maybe my love for music came from early exposure to it. I'm hoping that our boys' exposure to music will do the same for them. And, I'm thankful for my hubby who moves us with his music daily! We've been pondering the age at which we should let or encourage our boys to take lessons. Some of our friends are doing the same. Did you play an instrument growing up? When did you start playing?


Anonymous said...

Love that music!


Anonymous said...

Wish Chad would give me a concert! Love Mimi

Candace Echols said...

I haven't heard any tips yet!!! Let me know if you hear any!! When did you change the name of your blog and why?


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