Thursday, February 10, 2011

a snowy tale

Once upon a time there lived a king and a queen who loved the snow more than anyone they knew! Because they lived in a southern town, they were never pounded with snow like many of their other friends who live north of them. Each year when snow was forecasted, the king and queen were giddy with delight! They would sit with their tea and hot cocoa and watch the snow fall for hours on their kingdom (when they didn't have other pressing business to attend to)! And what was even more exciting, was that the king and queen seemed to have passed their love for snowy weather on to their little princes.

But one day, the queen was talking to her princes about the wonderful news that more snow was on its' way. Suddenly, the princes became discontent and started jibber-jabbering about the summer and all the glorious things they could do when it's hot--like wearing flip-flops and going swimming! The queen became distressed and wondered who had put a spell on them. They had always loved the snowy, cold weather! And just the other day they were adoring their snow boots! She mentioned this to the king and her sister too, and they also wondered what had possessed the princes.

Finally, the forecasted snow made its way to their kingdom, and as the white fluffy flakes poured down, the queen began to hear a change in the princes tunes. Their squeals of delight returned and they were soon begging to play in God's beautiful creation! After they were bundled up and headed out into the snow, they were reminded of many things. . .

like the taste of snow. . .

and just how much fun it is to run around and make snow trails!

The king and queen have yet to figure out who cast the brief summer lovin' spell on them, but they are no longer worried about the princes' love for all things snow. Thank goodness and the end!


Aunt Mary! said...

Such a wonderful fairy tail with a very happy ending!

Although the Queen's sister is sad she was SITTING IN TRAFFIC FOR 3 HOURS and couldn't play with the princes! Gr.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful story! I think a nice tweak would be changing "snow boats" to "snow boots." Yes, that would be very cute.

the king


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