Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

We've been pretty busy around here! Valentine's Day cards have been in the works for weeks! For now, my boys are still enjoying hearts and glitter and reds and pinks, so I have been soaking up all the crafting that's been going on.

Luke asked us this morning if Valentine's Day was the most special day of the year. We told him no, but that it's a very special day chosen to celebrate love and to share love with family and friends. Our boys have really enjoyed the build up, the candy, the cards, the crafting, the cookies, the giving. And, tonight we are making a special meal to celebrate the day of love with steaks, roasted asparagus, sweet potato chips. We let the boys pick out a special fruit just for the occasion (after all it's the little things they love) and Luke chose a star fruit, while Charlie chose kiwi.

But, while we have spent a lot of time talking about Valentine's and creating memories for the boys, I also want to let my husband know just how much I love him. I do have 4 special Valentines, but he's my biggest and the most important Valentine!

So, Sweetie, thank you. Thank you for loving the Lord, for loving me, for loving our boys. Thank you for being so darn adorable and sexy at the same time. Thank you for being loyal. Thank you for being encouraging. Thank you for being sincere and genuine. Thank you for overlooking my faults and highlighting the good. Thank you for still exciting me when you come in the door from work. Thank you for all the million things you do and don't do that make me love you and treasure you far more than I ever thought possible! Happy Valentine's Day, Chad! I love you!!!!!!!!!!

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