Wednesday, December 22, 2010

tough days happen

This morning, I was done by 8:15am. You know, done with the day and with my cluttered and filthy house and with my wild boys. I thought about calling Chad at work and asking him if he slipped spoonfuls of sugar down the boys throats before they woke up. I actually just started writing all of the details of our morning, but erased it, deciding that wasn't the point. You would've had a good laugh though. Anyway, my point for writing is this: So often I write about the positives. I'm very lucky to have SO many more positives than negatives. But, there are tough days. I blog mainly for my family and for record and memory keeping. I love that I have other family and friends who read--it makes my day when I get comments about this and that. However, (and I may be fooling myself) I was thinking that maybe one day my sister or my future daughters-in-law might be having a rough day with managing the house or children and they may feel all alone. Like it doesn't happen to anyone else. It does and I want them to be encouraged! I also keep a personal journal and as I've been looking back at it, I realize I never write about the hard things--only the good. Just recently, I asked Chad if he remembered going through tough times with Luke and Charlie as babies. Did they cry? Did they nap? He remembers some of our struggles with each boy. I don't. Okay, I do in the broader picture, but not the day to day stuff. Part of me believes the Lord helps me with that. Part of me thinks that is a piece of my make-up. I think it's probably good for the most part that I remember things positively. But sometimes, that's not reality. So, I thought I would write that down. Have it on record that some days are just hard. You know, in case my sister or future daughters-in-law ever wake up with a cluttered house and kiddos that are W-I-R-E-D. In case you ever have to take your 3 boys to the dr. office and one isn't feeling well, the other is crying because he had to be woken from his nap and the other is screaming because he can't climb on the table or play in the trash can. In case you have to stop and feed your youngest in the grocery store parking lot before going in, but then find out you have to cut the feeding short because your oldest has to go to the bathroom and you suddenly find another meltdown on your hands because your other child really wants to see the giant blow up Frosty before going inside. In case, oh, I could go on, but just hope you know these days happen and you get through them. And you love your life even more (after you've had some quiet time during nap time to reflect)!! :) At least I do!!


Anonymous said...

love you babe.


Anonymous said...

oh, lindley, boy do i ever understand! and i'm grateful you blogged it too!
(your 1/2-homemade christmas card was so precious!)


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