Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas memories

All of the school programs have ended, Christmas cards have been sent and received, cookies were made and devoured, Christmas crafts cover our kitchen windows, our Candlelight service and Christmas day have passed, but we created wonderful memories!

This was the year that Luke wanted a blue Lightning McQueen and glowing stars for Christmas and Charlie wanted candy canes. This was the Christmas season that Charlie fell in love with all things snowmen and the boys were obsessed with the Grinch. Silent Night, Joy to the World and Christmas Canon topped our favorite Christmas carols (along with the Grinch and Frosty). This was Miles' first Christmas! Family time at my sister's, Christmas eve at our house and Christmas day at my parents was really special. Lots of memories were made . . .

It seems more than ever this year, that JOY was infused into Christmas. Our boys learned the words to Joy to the World, we all pondered what it meant to have joy in our hearts, we sang with joy throughout the season, we spent lots of quality, family time together filled with joy and we talked about what a glorious night it was thousands of years ago when baby Jesus was born! As our Christmas has come to a close, we hope you all had a very joyful Christmas season!

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