Thursday, December 2, 2010

check ups!

Merry Christmas season to you all! Things are already busy around here, as I am sure they are with everyone. One of many things we have had on our calendar for a while now is today, Dec. 2nd, when Miles get his first round of shots at his 2 month appt. and Luke gets his round of shots for his 5 year appt (which is late, due to our ped. who was also having a baby when we were)!

People have been telling me for some time now that the 5 year exam is NOT fun for the kiddo. Poor Luke was not excited about it either. He had a flu shot back in October, and while he was brave and it didn't hurt much at all, he's fully aware that shots are supposed to hurt. With Bun-Bun and Buddy in tow, Mommy and Daddy to squeeze and the knowledge that his youngest bro was getting shots too, Lukey managed quite well. I think the fear of the shots was worse than the pain for him. Isn't that how it usually is with life? Like my fear of giving birth was definitely worse than the pain. Wait, not this past time, when the epidural didn't take. But that's another story. Anyway, Luke was a champ and he got a lollipop, a stamp, a star sticker AND a silly band! Yeah, you know your kid wants to go to our dr!! He was quite proud to be 45 inches tall!

And sweet Miles was a trooper too! The appt. took a while since we had 2 boys to take care of. Miles went last. He's huge!!! Actually, I thought he'd be off the charts, but he wasn't. He's merely in the 75th-90th percentile in weight and height, coming in at 24 inches (3 inches longer than he was at birth) and 13lbs. 3oz. (5 lbs. heavier than his birthweight) at his 2 month check up! He was quite tired when he got his shots, so that with a little pain, brought on some tears. But, it was nothing a little cuddle couldn't cure! Miles did show off his amazing core and head stability by practically doing push-ups on the exam table! Good job Miles! We actually call him Miles E a lot. You know, like we call Luke, Lukey and Charlie, well Charlie and Mommy and Daddy all have that extra "e" sound on the end. So, Miles gets an extra "e" sound on the end too. I just don't know how to spell it---is is Milesy, or Milesey, or Milezee or, okay, you get it. Just FYI.

So, the big event down and our boys checked out wonderfully! Thank you, Lord!

Miles at 2 months!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for blogging. I love the new, old header! Merry Christmas!

And, since Luke is still limping from his shots today...I'm not sure that the fear actually was worse than the shot, but he is a trooper and did great.


Aunt Mary! said...

Sad to know that my 5 year old nephew is braver than me...

Umm, and can I just steal Miles from that picture and give him a little squeeze? So precious!!!!


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