Friday, November 26, 2010


Our family is thankful for. . .

Mary Poppins, Cars (the movie), rain, my family, football and foot balloons, a warm house, toys, my devotional, Diego, the beach (with Mimi and Grandpa), good friends, sunsets, Mommy, Orca whales, sunsets again, friends again, the color blue, the colors gold & silver, the Word of God, Jesus saving us from our sins, our family, the house we live in, brass instruments, all God has given us, stars & lightning, servant friends, music, God, Bo and CC, speed boats and jets, Lightning McQueen, being part of God's family, sleep, Fall leaves, wonderful Fall landscapes, Daddy, Mimi & Grandpa, God & Jesus, my parents, good food, Miles, stars, Christian schools, Mocha & Sparky, doctors that take care of my dad, pickles, Purell, Penn State, milk, lollipops & cookies, special quality time on Saturdays, being a stay at home Mommy, my wife, Nana & Poppy, my husband, Aunt Mary & Mr. Kevin, Aunt Kristen & Uncle Patrick  (all of our extended family) and SO so much more!!!

This week has been such a treat! We were able to attend the JK Thanksgiving feast at Luke's school. Adorable in every way! Luke's Indian Brave name was Lightning. We heard the kiddos sing and tell us all about Native Americans and Pilgrims AND they served the parents beef stew they made in class! It was yummy!

Luke's Thanksgiving feast

My boys (minus Miles--he's a little young still) had fun raking the leaves--a Thanksgiving week tradition!

And we were blessed to spend time with both sides of our family for Thanksgiving! Chad's parents (Nana and Poppy) joined us for the Thanksgiving holiday and enjoyed seeing Miles for the first time! My Mom celebrated her birthday on turkey day--a perfect way to celebrate her! What a fun and special way to share and give thanks to the Lord for ALL he has blessed us with!

The Jacksons

Mimi, Grandpa and the Jacksons

And finally, our Jackson 5!

Hope you and your family had a very Happy Thanksgiving!!!


Aunt Mary! said...

A - How about next time Aunt Mary rakes her bajillion leaves y'all can come over and help? =)

B - I am thankful for each and every one of you! Biffer, B.I.L., 3 Pooker-muffins, and my niece puppy!

Anonymous said...

Great looking families but I must say, we never got one with Mary in there with us. We're all blessed and I'm thankful for all of you. love, Mimi


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