Sunday, October 17, 2010

pumpkin pickin'

I love the fall. I love the colors, the, pumpkins, the hay, the smells, the food, the football, the crisp, cooler weather, and because it begins special times of traditions with family--like picking out pumpkins from the pumpkin patch! Though we usually head down to Hernando for a fun pumpkin patch adventure, it looks like it might be tough to get there this year, you know, with a new baby and all, not to mention various birthday parties and an upcoming beach trip with grandparents for the boys. Sooo, we drove down the street to pick out pumpkins from a local church to support a mission trip!

I'm pretty sure Charlie didn't remember picking out pumpkins from last year, but he was quite into it this year. Found a pumpkin and it was love at first sight! The thing weighed a lot for a small bit like him, but Chuckles was determined to carry it with him through the pumpkin patch. And in the car. And wanted to have the pumpkin sit by him at on the table. And wanted to take it to a birthday party yesterday. And wanted to sleep with it (but we didn't let him). Cute!

Luke was also excited about picking his pumpkin and of course, was determined to find the BIGGEST one, though in the picture below he's holding the smallest one. But, what is it with kids' obessesion with big? It seems they all think the biggest wrapped present must be the best, ya know? Actually, don't we all do that? Like at Christmas, don't we all get a little excited about the big unknown present? Unless of course we see a very little box, say in turquoise, wrapped in a bow. Then, we my sister and I get all giddy. But I digress. . .

And Miles, well, he was along for the ride. He slept right through the adventure and missed out--because it was fun picking out pumpkins with our family of five!

Silly faces!!

Pumpkin pickin' 2010


Anonymous said...

Great blogging. Thanks!

Great close up of the boys in the hay.


Amy said...

Love the family picture!

Erika said...

Love your stories, the pictures, and you!!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Precious precious precious little pumpkins - the actual pumpkins are cute too. I love my nephews!

(And yes, little blue boxes make me ridiculously giddy...I'm talking like, 6th grade girl with a crush giddy)

-Proud Aunt Mary

Anonymous said...

Oh how I look forward to the fall pictures of the boys with the pumpkins. Soooooooo cute! I do love the one of the three boys in the hay. Priceless Gosh, those little blue boxes do make my girls giddy but I might add anything wrapped makes them giddy. Love the Jackson Five picture! Mimi

jillemersonbell said...

Lindley! I am so glad you found my blog...and I found yours :) Miles is precious! So happy for you! You will have to let me know what's it's like having three little ones. Scary!!!! Ha! The move went well and we are loving Oxford. Glad I can keep up with you now!


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