Monday, October 11, 2010

baby Miles. . .the first few days

sweetest little thing
Hello family and friends! I have finally returned from almost 5 weeks of non-posting! Hope you are still reading--or that you will return to reading as I return to blogging! I'm sure that most of you know by now, we welcomed our third little boy, Miles Court into the world at the end of September! I think I should mark my return into the blogging world with pictures of our precious new addition and a couple of tid-bits about our first week or so with Miles!

Though we are not even 2 weeks into Miles' new life, sweet Luke and Charlie seem to be adjusting well so far. Luke is definitely more hands on and curious about Miles, diapers, sleeping, etc. He loves to give Miles hugs and kisses. Charlie is a little more cautious, not super eager to give out hugs or kisses, but follows his big brothers's lead. He is definitely more curious about breast-feeding and pumping and all that goes with a new baby than Luke is. His questions are entertaining, "What's that?", "Where's the milk?", "Why is Miles doing that?", etc. All in all, we think Luke and Charlie love their new little brother and we know Miles will be looking up to them soon!

As for Miles, he is adorable! We aren't sure what color hair he will have--it's kind of brownish, redish right now--but it is spikey and he certainly has more hair than either of his brothers did at this point. He's a sleepy little thing, during the day. He most certainly does not like to be awake when he eats, which makes meal times s-l-o-w or makes him hungrier earlier. We had a rough couple of nights where he screamed for hours, which is somewhat expected, but he's gotten on track and is doing pretty well at nights. However, I'm probably bringing on a long crying spell by even saying that. Miles seems to have a twinkle in his eyes as if he's wise to the world and I swear he's already smiling--though I know you are all thinking, "Oh sweetie, that's just gas!"

We are beyond thankful to the Lord for our newest little blessing and we appreciate all of you for your sweet phone calls, emails, notes, visits, etc. welcoming Miles into the world! And without further delay. . .

first little cries

Mommy, Daddy and baby Miles

big brothers greet Miles

"Ummm, what do I do with this?"

Mimi and Grandpa meet their 3rd grandson

Aunt Mary and Kevin welcoming Miles

Miles already snuggling with Daddy

Our newest little angel!

Mommy and her baby


Stephanie said...

Congrats, Jackson family! Miles is adorable! :)
-The Repko's

Lauren said...

miles is beautiful, and i am quite certain that you are right lindley - your angel is already smiling:))). sweet boy. congratulations!!!

Heather said...

Yippy pictures...I have been looking for these :) He is so sweet! Congratulations :)

EBW said...


Anonymous said...

Great post. Thanks, Babe.


Elisabeth Mills said...

He is so adorable and I can see a resemblance to your other boys! Maddie smiled early too...I think they are just happy little babies. I love the photo of the boys holding Miles...cute and funny.

Jana said...

He is so adorable Lindley! That squishy little it! Congratulations!

Amy said...

Congratulations Jackson Family! Miles is of course adorable and I'll be darned but I think he might be a Chad, Jr. ;) Time will tell. Glad to hear you all are adjusting well. I look forward to meeting him! Hugs from Celia too!


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