Wednesday, September 1, 2010

what's left?

As you can see by this month's header, we are preparing for sleep. Strike that. We are trying to sleep now, so when new baby comes we will function without sleep. Strike that. Who functions without sleep? Not the Jackson family. We know what's coming. We've done this before. I so wish there was a way to store up sleep, you know like in a jar? So, that way, when we are lacking sleep, we can just pour some of it from the jar into our bodies and be good to go! But since that can't happen and my doctor told me to walk, walk, walk so this baby might come on his/her own, instead of being induced, I set my alarm earrrrly yesterday and did just that. Forget sleep. Just walk. Walking has to be one of THE most boring things to do in all the world. I very much prefer running, just not when I'm pregnant.

So, as I was walking, I found myself thinking about what's left to be done before baby comes. I really do not know. It seems like so much, but yet, nothing. We have our 3rd baby monitor now. Because our bedroom is downstairs and the boys sleep upstairs in different rooms, we have 2 different monitors. Now, we have 3--a new one for the nursery, though baby will be in our room for a bit. So, check--that's done. We have some diapers thanks to friends and purchases. Check, that's done. I mean, really, what else is there? I know I could google things to bring to the hospital, but I think that's the reason I had too much stuff or not the right stuff at the hospital the other times around. I know I am 4 weeks out from due date, but that's where my walking led my thoughts . . .help a girl out. . .What was your "must have" for the hospital? And, how did you prepare for your new little addition?


Jana said...

Hey Lindley! Congrats on baby #3!! I've had a bit of baby fever lately but I'll just live vicariously through you. I felt like I had been hit by an 18 wheeler after the birth of my first, so for the second, I wanted to look cute even if I felt awful! I took all of my makeup and favorite bath products and cute pj's to wear. My own pillow was a must. I also had a gift for Tyson from the baby. Although he was only 2 and so excited about having his own baby that that was gift enough for him! Enjoy these last few weeks!

Stephanie said...

I agree with Jana. Your own bath products & pj's. Your laptop and don't forget the camera cord so that you can load up the pics and post online. :) A take home outfit for the baby and you're good to go. Oh, your cell charger too!

Anonymous said...

wash the unisex newborn and 0-3 month clothing. and then you are done!!!!

buy yourself some new pj's for the hospital. it's a good excuse for something new for mom. ;-)

also, i took those dove face wash towlettes, instead of the whole skincare routine and i really liked those.

can't believe you are 4 weeks out!!!!


Molly Witherington said...

agree with jennifer - wash all the unisex baby clothes! go get yourself a couple of new nursing tanks from target if you plan on nursing - those are the best and it's nice to have a new one.
go treat yourself to a mani/pedi!

Anonymous said...

music; camera; bible verse cards; pillows from home; cute jammies; going-home baby-outfit; "bravado" nursing tank; supportive husband. so happy for you and your sweet family!
-jenni blogdett


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