Tuesday, August 24, 2010


I've had a lot of people ask me recently if I am ready for our new baby to be here. Lately, it's been hard to answer. Sometimes I find myself giving a big  "yes" which is what people want or expect to hear. Absolutely, I am ready to meet our new little bundle! And, for a couple of different reasons, I want our baby to be born early (as many of you know I want the "movie scene" experience, rather than being induced). But, there is something different about this baby, or pregnancy or upcoming birth than the others. I think it has to do with savoring.

Right now, I am savoring these moments (and just like that, my eyes start to water up---gotta love the horomones). I will admit that I love being pregnant. Some people are like that, some are not. I truly do love it--even when I hurt, though I probably haven't hurt as much as most women out there. I 100% love every movement, which is A LOT, that each of my babies make. There is nothing like it. I have even found myself sad on occasion when I have the real live sweet baby in my arms, because I no longer feel the kicks and stretches in my tummy. It's selfish. I know that I am the only one who has ever felt this baby and my others kick from the inside--and it's a way I bond with my babies. This may be our last pregnancy, we don't know--only the Lord does. So, I am savoring it.

I am also savoring time with my ALL of my boys. When I was pregnant with Luke, I don't think I did as much savoring. I was so anxious for him to be here--because he was our first to be born, and because we had a prior miscarriage. Chad and I thought we were savoring time with each other, but because we had no idea what to really appreciate, I am not really convinced we did savor each other. So, we have focused on that, on our marriage and each other this time around--savoring each other, because it's going to be a whirlwind soon.

I am also savoring time with Luke. He's growing up, almost 5! The other night we was giving lots of kisses to his favorite lovie Bun-Bun and telling him how much he loved him. I asked Luke if he loved me (pretty pathetic sounding, right?) and he said, "Yes, Mommy! I love you even more than Bun-Bun!" Melt my heart. That's a big ol' deal. Of course I know he loves me--he tells me lots, but for him to express it like that was precious. I want to savor this. He also loves Mommy/Lukey time, when his brother is at Parents Day Out for a few hours longer than Luke is at school. Luke and I get to do things one on one and I am cherishing that time, because our routine will be changing soon.

For another 5 weeks, I have more one on one time with Charlie than I've had before too. Because Luke is in school 5 half days, Charlie and I have more mornings to play and be together. He has turned into such a "joybucket" as we have started affectionately calling him. It is amazing to watch him thrive on the attention he gets when he's by himself. We have had so much fun reading books, playing games, running errands, blowing bubbles, etc. and I love to see him beam! I am savoring this time with Charlie too, because things will be different when October rolls around.

I am very excited about what's and who's to come, we all are! Our new addition has already been a blessing in our lives and we can't wait to see that multiplied in so many ways. But for now, I am content. I am savoring!

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