Friday, August 13, 2010

beginning JK

Today, our Lukey started Junior Kindergarten! Well actually, it was yesterday--he had an hour orientation. But, today was his first "real" half-day. For those of you who don't live in our PreK, JK, SK world, junior kindergarten is the year before SK, which is the "real" Kindergarten. Got it?

Anyway, just before I started writing this, I looked back to last year's post on his entry into PreK--which was quite a big deal, as he was entering a big boy preschool! So much has changed. He has grown up in many ways. But, he's still our baby, as I always tell him he will always be, and once again I had concerns about whether he would be in a class with a super teacher, would he make new friends, would he be sad that he was leaving at half day, when so many others in his class stayed all day, etc. I guess this is something I need to realize will never change. As parents we will always worry. But, as a Christian family, we should turn our worry into prayer and conversations with the Lord and know that He is in control! Sometimes I want to have control, like choosing his teacher, hand pick which friends he would have in his class, etc. But then if given control, I think---"Wait, why do I want this control when the Lord has everything planned?" Ahhhh!

So, back to his first JK day. Once again we started with blueberry muffins--Luke's request! We had a few tears when he couldn't wear his "marlin" shorts because we no longer have a matching shirt that fits. I told him next summer we will keep our eyes peeled for shark, dolphin, sailfish, any type of sea creature shorts that he can wear and that got him through. And, though he hasn't been feeling well all week, he was super pumped about his day as you can see by his giddy face! We parked today and will start the car line next week. We walked in together, though I let him walk me in. He told me he knew the way and sure enough he did! He ran through his classroom door without a goodbye, but his teacher (who does seem awesome) called him back so I could take a quick picture of them on his first day. He was super excited about starting to play, but I did get a quick goodbye after that! He was on to other things. Charlie and I had a few things to accomplish this morning, but I can tell it's going to be hard on Charlie with Luke gone every morning. He kept asking to go get Lukey---Charlie was the one who was going to make me cry today--not Luke! Sweet thing, missing his big brother!

We had lunch with Daddy and heard about Luke's day. Sounded great--especially playing with the tub full of bugs---what could be better (other than a tub full of sea creatures)?? And though it's just Day 1 down, already I am feeling lots less anxious! The Lord always hears our prayers! Cheers to an exciting new school year!

An excited Lukey and Mrs. Patterson!


Aunt Mary! said...

Wow that is an excited face! How cute that Charlie wants more big bro time...too stimkin cute I tell ya!

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

He's just so cute and adorable! Know he'll have a great year and lots of fun. Love Mimi


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