Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Tee-ing it up!

And no, I'm not talking about golf! Lukey is half-way through his first ever t-ball season and we are ALL loving it! His first game was adorable. The boys stepped up to the plate and hit the ball, but most of them did not know what to do next. Do I run? What do I do with my bat? Where do I run? You could just see the questions popping up in their minds! And, when they were in the outfield, it was the same thing. There were definitely some boys who had more of a clue, but for the majority, these kiddos were really fresh and were newbies at the sport. Our Luke included. But now--a few games into the season--it's amazing what Lukey has learned! He's a great hitter, but now he speeds towards the bases with confidence! And, just today, he fielded 3 balls!! Luke later asked his Daddy if "fielding balls" meant catching them, because he knew he caught 3 balls. Cute. He is a HUGE fan of t-ball and has declared it his favorite sport! Way to go #5! We are so proud of you!

Batter up!


Run scored!!

And, don't you worry! Lukey has had a cheering section at every game!! Grandpa and Charlie taking in some action here. . .

And the rest of the crew too!


Anonymous said...

love these pictures -- and t-ball!
go luke, go!


Unknown said...

Dang - thought I commented earlier!

1 - Woo hoo for the little all-star! I think more practicing in Aunt Mary's back yard with the family is in order!

2- Charlie wants to know when he can get in on the action!

Ashley said...

that first picture is precious! -he looks so much like his mommy to me!


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