Thursday, April 1, 2010


There are few things in life that I just cannot stand. One is throwing up, another is Wal-mart (which makes me want to throw up) and yet another, that produces fear like you've never seen before, is spiders. They creep me out in a MAJOR girly way. I can handle cockroaches, ants, beetles, worms, whatever. I don't like to, but I can. However, spiders are a different story. I will never forget going to see the movie Arachnophobia when I was in high school. Why did I see it? No idea. None. It scared the life out of me. AND, to tell you how sweet my family is, they let some of our neighbor friends into my bedroom to hide fake spiders inside my phone, my drawers, pillow, etc. while I was gone. You think the movie scared me? You should have seen me when I went into my room that night and opened a drawer!! I freaked out! I was then promised that there was only one spider---and I believed them!! So every other spider I found sent me into shock, my heart racing like crazy!
So back to now. Or yesterday. The boys and I were out back playing on their playset. I picked up a bucket and saw this furry, white pouch thingy. I wanted it off the bucket, so I scraped it onto a corner of their playset. As I did this, thousands of tiny spiders came crawling out!

It took everything in me to remain calm for the boys, Luke really. I am a mommy to boys now, so I have to be okay with most everything creepy crawly for their sake. I kept it together, you would have been proud. I told Luke to stand back and wait while I called Chad, who turns out was on the phone. I then called my sister, who told me to spray it with Raid. That did the trick. I actually felt really a little sad knowing that I was killing the thousands of baby spiders and knowing there was a mommy spider out there looking for them. Come on, I'm still a big fan of Charlotte's Web! Anyway, Luke also asked, "Mommy, are the babies dying now?" and, "Will their Mommy and Daddy be sad?" in a sweet, tender tone. I told him they were, and that normally we don't kill spiders that are outside. I also told him, however, that I was his mommy and it was my job to protect Charlie and him. That made him smile and he was proud! He told me that I saved the day! Who would have ever guessed that me saving the day and spiders would have ever come up in the same thought??


Aunt Mary said...

Yay for Super Mommy! Glad the Raid idea worked...and holy crap that's a lotta baby spiders!

I'm super impressed you remained composed. I mean, what if you had no Raid and were forced to go to Wal-Mart? Deadly trifecta...

Anonymous said...

We are sweet despite that we let friends in your room to put spiders there to scare you. Glad you were able to keep composed in front of your children. Love you and hope you'll forgive us some day!


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