Tuesday, March 23, 2010

30 seconds

Sometimes I feel like I have no time at all. Or, I feel lazy and put off doing little things until later. It seems that "later" though, is never a good time to do anything! It hit me the other day, that if I could spend 30 seconds here or there, I might actually save time and/or de-clutter by doing these things right away!

So, I came up with 11 different 30 second activities I've done over the past couple of days that are actually saving me time later on, or that don't take nearly as much time as I have told myself they do.

--walk something to the mailbox (instead of letting it sit in my purse to drop off at a post office for 2 weeks, which in turn, makes it late)

--refill my dog's treat container (so I can throw away the box of treats that I keep reaching into, that sits right beside her container--thus saving time and clearing out junk)

--water my 2 house plants

--change the batteries in my weather calendar (so it will work, and I will know what to expect for the day)

--replace the toilet paper in a bathroom (so we will stop needing to use the other bathroom that does have paper)

--file bills (so we have a clutter free desk and I feel relaxed when I'm in our office)

--fill a small dish with hot, soapy water and put my rings in it to soak (so I can enjoy the sparkle of the diamonds I wear)

--walk the trash 10 feet further to our trash can (instead of letting it sit in our garage until trash day, so we can actually manuever through our garage)

--combine 1/2 c. oil, 1/2 c. of cider vinegar, 1 Tbsp. of brown sugar and 1 package of taco seasoning (and let our chicken marinate, to later cook in the skillet for Baja Chicken salad)

--clean out the dryer lint

--hang up an item of clothing (that has been draped over our tub for days because I've been too lazy, all in the name of de-cluttering)

Do you have any 30-second time savers??


Anonymous said...

Great blog. Thanks for keeping things together.


Anonymous said...

1- Put DVDs back in cases when done to prevent clutter, and lost DVDs

2- Run dishwasher when it's full and don't try waiting on the one glass you're using, because you'll have to get very creative cooking (and eating!)

3- Fold and put up clothes when they're done drying so you don't have to streak through the house in the morning to get the top you washed the night before (Oh wait, that one is just me? Dang...)

4- Get all of my crap out of the car the day I use it - or else it piles up in my MASSIVE back seat

5- Call Mommy! She will take care of the garbage AND your laundry - so you come home and it's clutter free! Just kidding...(you don't even have to call! hee hee).

-Aunt Mary


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