Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Introducing. . .


As you may know from reading this post a year ago, we have a budding marine biologist in our family. Luke is mesmerized by all animals of the sea! There hasn't been a day for over a year, when he hasn't claimed to be a sea creature, or talked about a sea creature, or read about a sea creature. Our house is filled with books we own about sea animals, books we've checked out from the library about sharks, stuffed sea creature lovies, and buckets filled with sea creature toys! Luke is passionate about ocean animals!

So, imagine his excitement when Great Grandmommy and Great Granddaddy sent him his own aquarium for Christmas! At first, Luke thought it was an aquarium for playing with his sea creature toys. However, once we explained it was for a REAL fish, he was thrilled! We took Luke to peruse some fishies and let him pick out his very first fish! He picked a fish in his favorite color, blue. We gave him a few choices for names, (otherwise our new fish would be named "Fishy" of "Bluey") and Sparky was the winner!

It took quite a while for Sparky to eat, but he seems to be hanging in there now. We had some frigid temps a couple of weeks ago, and Chad and I were quite concerned we might be running back to replace Sparky as he wasn't looking so great. But, he's a fighter so far! Sparky loves attention and he sure gets it! Luke and Charlie are both eager to greet him in the mornings, when we return home from outings and to wish him good nights. Thank you Great Grandmommy and Great Granddaddy for bringing a small part of sea life to our family!


Molly Witherington said...

Hilarious. A good "warm up" pet. Long live Sparky!

Anonymous said...

Sparky looks pretty healthy to me! Great shots of him and I know the boys love watching Sparky. Love you, Mimi


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