Wednesday, December 30, 2009

no resolutions, just one simple word

Christmas decorations are down now and I'm ready to kick off a new year! There is something incredibly inspiring about getting a fresh start! I'm extremely motivated by a new year, a new beginning. Aren't you? I have numerous projects I'm ready to tackle, ones that have been on my list for several months, but I just haven't had enough of an urge to take care of them. Then, January quickly approaches and I have energy and motivation that comes out of the blue to reorganize, revive and refresh!!

New Year's resolutions aren't my thing. I used to try to make resolutions, but would quickly forget about them. Probably like many of you. Then I met my husband, who doesn't believe in resolutions for a new year. He's happy with any Monday of the year, or ANY day of the year to make a new start. Good for him, great for him! Still for me though, I need a new month and even better a new year to bring on inspiration!

So, instead of making resolutions for my new year, I've decided on a word for the year! I've read about several people doing this and I was inspired! I mulled over several words like hope, encourage, love, patience, purpose, and many others, but the word I have chosen as my 2010 Word of the Year is. . . .drum roll . . .

I l l u m i n a t e

as in. . .


1 a : to enlighten spiritually or intellectually b (1) : to supply or brighten with light (2) : to make luminous or shining

2 a : to make clear : elucidate b : to bring to the fore : highlight

3 : to make illustrious or resplendent

I want to spend more time reading the Bible and many other books as well. I want to be enlightened spiritually and intellectually and I hope I can do that for others, especially our little boys. We often remind Luke that his name means bringer of light. We want to teach Luke and Charlie about bringing God's light to other people.

I'm also looking forward to spending time with family and friends again this year. It's amazing how illluminating family and friendships can be to our life!

And, as you know, my photography passion is in full-force! I have a lot more I want to learn and I'm hoping that 2010 will bring illumination to my new hobby!

What about you? Are you making resolutions? Do you have a word for your year? Do share!!


Anonymous said...

Great pic! It came out very well. Very nice blog. If you want, you can go through the Navigator's scripture memory with me. You know I'll need all the help I can get!


amber@This Mommy Cooks said...

That's a wonderful idea! I'm just going to try and make my house organized, and teach the boys new things. =) I like your word! So neat!

Anonymous said...

can my word be sleep? as in, i hope to sleep in 2010! haha...just kidding....we know that won't happen. i don't make resolutions, but coming up with a word has given me something to ponder....hmmmm!

i do plan to join my husband in scripture memory (topical memory system).

great post. happy new year.



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