Wednesday, August 12, 2009

starting Pre-K

Today was Luke's first day of Pre-K. I've been obsessing thinking about this day for several months now. He was starting at a new school, with no one else he knew and no one else we knew. I've been asking myself questions like "Did we make the right choice?" "Will he make new friends?" "Will they love on my little boy?" etc. I learned that we will drop him off and pick him up in a carpool line--meaning I do not walk him into his class anymore. He is a big boy now. Sniff. Sniffle.

I've been thinking of other milestones in his life. Finally walking, check. Saying Mommy (not until 18 months mind you), check. Lots of other things, check. Becoming a big brother, check. Potty trained, check. And now, first day of Pre-K!

I'm definitely probably making this into a bigger deal than it is. I mean he's only going 3 half days a week---it's not even 3 full hours a day. It's not first grade or even kindergarten, but still! He's my first baby and it's a new experience for him---one that may possibly have a huge effect on his school outlook! Ahhhhh, it's no wonder that I've been a little sentimental.

So this morning, it was get dressed, blueberry muffins for breakfast and out the door. Wait. Pictures first, then out the door. We parked at school today, no carpool line on the first day, and I walked him into his class. His teacher greeted him, but not before he ran to the sand table, already occupied by a few other kiddos. He was smiling from ear to ear. Ecstatic! I said a few things to the teacher and was ready to leave. I went over to Luke and said, "Okay, Luke. I'm leaving now. I love you." His response. . ."I love you too, Mom" without taking his eyes off the table. He didn't need a hug or give a hug like usual. He was just thrilled to be there. You'd be impressed. I didn't cry. I just thought, "Good for him. Have fun baby."

When I picked him up though, he had the same smile from ear to ear and he ran to me and gave me the biggest hug ever! That was when I cried. The details of his day have trickled out. I'm sure there will be more when Daddy gets home. Luke's first day of Pre-K was a huge success! He can't wait to go back and we're so excited for him!

devouring blueberry muffins

super excited about heading to school!

fun at the sand table

Lukey and his teacher!


Elisabeth Mills said...

What a big boy! I can't wait to be doing that in a month with Janie!

Kelly B said...

ok, now you are making me teary!


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