Monday, August 10, 2009

Pay It Forward

A blog I have discovered and enjoy reading, Chronicle of an Infant Bibliophile, recently posted about a Pay It Forward game. She told us about the game which involved nothing more than sharing a little kindness and sending a little happiness to 3 people. All we had to do was be one of the first 3 readers on her blog to win. I decided to play, left my comment and it turns out, I won! So, the Infantbibliophile's mama sent us a suprise in the mail--an activity book of Utah (where they live)! Luke was thrilled to get it and who knew that our "happy" would lead to an impromptu geography lesson?!

All of that to say, it's my turn to spread a little happiness! I can't wait! If you want to play, leave me a comment and tell me you're in! The first 3 people to comment will be receiving a happy from us! All you have to do is be willing to Pay It Forward and send some sunshine to 3 other people. I already have some ideas! Wanna play?


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