Saturday, June 27, 2009

the little redbox

Have you heard of Redbox? If you frequent Walgreens (or Wal-Mart, which I do not) you may have seen a red box that resembles a vending machine. It actually is a vending machine, only it lets you rent movies! Redbox is the newest competitor of Blockbuster and Netflix and after using it for the first time last night, I can see why! Here's the scoop. . .

1)Start using Redbox and you will save for your children's college tuition faster! Okay, slightly exaggerating here, but it's only one dollar to rent a movie--including new releases--which we know is a LOT cheaper than Blockbuster! Yes, you do have to return the movie by 9pm the next night, but that's easy to plan for.

2)You can view the locations of Redbox and the movies they have here or you can just wing it and make your choice at the Redbox. You can then pull up to the machine, hop out and in 1 minute or less, have the movie of your choice in your hands.

3)Be prepared, you cannot use cash. We've guessed this is because they will need a way to track you down if you don't return a movie. Not a big deal for us.

4)Sure, they don't have the same number of movies that Blockbuster has, but if you don't go to the movie theater every weekend (and how many of us do with little kiddos?), then you are bound to have not seen a lot of these movies. You are in luck!

5)They are located (at least in our area) just outside of Walgreens. You can run inside and get your movie candy, then your movie and you are good to go for a movie night at home!! Fun!

Let me know your thoughts when you check it out!

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Lisa Joy said...

We LOVE Redbox! We very, very rarely rent from the other national chains (too expensive, and I always forget to return the movie on time) or go to theaters (way, way too expensive), so this is right up our alley! We often reserve a movie we want online and go pick it up sometime later that day. So easy! And if you are late, it's only 1 extra dollar! Score!

The only thing we've found is that there tends to be a whole lot of crap available and only a small handful of movies we'd actually watch. That, and there's still the problem of what to do if you want to watch an older movie from say, 5 years ago. Most of them are still $10 or more to buy from various outlets, but not available to rent anywhere. Bummer.


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