Thursday, March 5, 2009

welcoming March with snow!!!

This past weekend a winter wonderland hit our city! By now you all know that I LOVE the snow and even though Chad was in Mexico--I wasn't jealous--because we were playing in the pretty white stuff!!! We did miss you though, honey!!
Our little section of the city reached about 7 inches---way more snow than we've seen in a long time! Even my old roommate said they saw pictures of our snow on the news all the way up in Indiana!! Luke and I had a blast running around making trails in the snow, eating it and building a snowball fort! What a fun, completely unexpected welcome to March!!!

My snow bunnies!

Knee deep in the white stuff!!

A snow fort in the making!


Though some had melted, proof that the snow was
actually at our house!!


Miss Angie said...

Wow Miss, that's crazy! This weather has been crazy! It was 85 today in Texas - it felt so hot but I loved it (I don't like the cold weather like you do). :)

Jana said...

Beautiful! Looks like they enjoyed it! We had snow in APRIL 2 years ago the Saturday before Easter. Everything was in full bloom including the bluebonnets and it was quite a sight! I got lots of pics of my youngest in the snow, he was only 9 months then. The older one was at my parents house 2 hours south and they didn't get any snow. I had to show him the pics of all of his toys covered in snow, lol!


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