Tuesday, February 24, 2009

a passion for sea life!

This past Saturday we piled in the car and headed to Nashville. . .for lunch! Yep, that's right. It was 3 hours 15 minutes to get there, lunch, and then 3 hours + to get back!
Luke has been on a sea creatures kick since December. He loves any and every sea creature you can name. All day long he plays with sea creatures and talks about the adventures they go on. So, when I recently found out about the Aquarium (a chain restaurant, one of which is located in Nashville), Chad and I thought we had to take Luke! It's a big restaurant that's basically like dining in an aquarium. All kinds of sea creatures swim around you--fish, sharks, sting rays, eels, etc.

We finally had one Saturday with nothing to do, so we woke up and decided to go! We climbed in the car and headed out. Luke didn't know where we were going--except to Nashville--which means nothing to him, yet he was thrilled!! He even brought his Nemo book to read in the car, still unaware of the excitement ahead. Sweet Charlie was just along for the ride!
The restaurant did not disappoint! The outside of the restaurant had sea creature etchings on the wall and Luke was beside himself. When you walk in the place, it's just an underwater fantasy world! We had the best seats in the house and had a blast looking at all the sea animals swimming by as we ate! Even Charlie followed the animals, though mainly he enjoyed knocking off everything that was on the table in front of him!

It was such a fun random trip! We decided that life is too short to pass up opportunities like this. Some friends laughed at us for driving 6 + hours round trip for lunch, but it was completely worth it to feed Luke's passion for sea life and to see the sheer excitement on his face when he saw the aquarium! I can't wait to see what Charlie's passions are!

Ready to head out!

Busy reading his Nemo book on the road trip!

Look everyone! It's a whale and some fishies!!

Oh my goodness! Look at the sea creatures!

I think this is pretty fun too!


amber@This Mommy Cooks said...

how fun!! Where is that? I've never heard of it and I'm from Nashville! You guys need to make a weekend trip to come to Chattanooga and you can visit the aquarium. Jacks can show Luke around! =)

EBW said...

what a sweet mom & dad!!! great memory for the boys!

Miss Angie said...

Your kids sure are growing up! Too bad you don't live closer! :( I miss you!

Anonymous said...

Dear Luke and Charlie -

You have AWESOME parents. Thank God for them and hug & kiss them an extra time tonight....


The Keller's said...

What fun! I need to remember that and try and stop in on my way to west TN next time. So neat! Good job Mom and Dad!

Erika said...

How fun! It's awesome to take advantage of these precious moments!!!

Anonymous said...

Love the excitement in Luke's face. Bet he was soooooooo excited couldn't eat. Now you will need to do this again when Charlie gets older! Love, Mimi


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