Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Ode to Bun-Bun

I am writing this post for several reasons--some of which you will find out at the end of the post. Another is for journaling purposes. I think Luke will appreciate these stories later in life--and if he doesn't, his future wife will. I have no idea if blogging will even be around then or if there's enough blogging space in the computer universe to have a blog that long from now. Anyone ever print their blogs to save as a hard copy? It might take forever, but I still feel like a hard copy would be worth it!

As many of you know, Luke loves bunnies. In fact, he thinks he is one. Seriously. He recently tried his hardest to convince me that he was a bunny and not a boy. We went back and forth about whether he was a bunny or boy. He lost, but he doesn't know that!

His love for bunnies started at a young age and came from a book. I have no idea which one since it seems that every book we own has a bunny (and a bee---but that's another story too). Some of you may have thought that his love for bunnies came from his widely known lovie, Bun-Bun, but in this case the book came before the Bun-Bun. Not much before, however. Luke's first lovie was Buddy, the giraffe. He started sleeping with Buddy when he was 9 months of age. Buddy eventually took the place of a pacifier, as he would soothe himself to sleep by chewing on Buddy's antlers. Quickly, even after multiple washings, Buddy would get moldy and smelly--disgusting. So, I would have to go out and find another Buddy. No problem---it was made by Ty and I found them everywhere. But then---Bun-Bun came into the picture and slowly but surely, he climbed to the #1 spot in Luke's lovie world. Don't be sad for Buddy, he's a close #2 and still gets plenty of love. But now back to Bun-Bun. . .

Bun-Bun goes everywhere and Luke will not go to sleep without him. Bun-Bun even has his own language that Luke translates for us in a really high voice. . ."Bitty, bitty, bitty, bitty." Bun-Bun is full of love and often gives Luke and the rest of us hugs and tells Luke he loves him all the time---or so Luke tells us! Bun-Bun also has feelings and desires. When it's time for Luke to go to bed, Luke will tell us that Bun-Bun doesn't want to go to bed. We often hear things like, Bun-Bun wants a snack, likes this, doesn't like this, etc. He has a lot of power in our house! :) Many of his friends have and know Bun-Bun by name (Luke's lovie of course). You really can't get the full picture of Luke's love for his bunny until you've seen it in action. He is the most loved bunny in the world!

But. . .is he a bunny??

As I've mentioned, Luke loves Bun-Bun. So much so, that this bunny is looking pretty loved--really just rough. He's a little dingy and just getting worn. I keep thinking I'm going to find a hole in Bun-Bun after each wash--and that's a scary thought. What in the world would happen to Luke if Bun-Bun fell apart?? Our Luke would fall apart!!! So, I tried finding another Bun-Bun, like I did Buddy. However, he's not made by Ty and it appears this company has stopped making this bunny. I couldn't remember who gave us Bun-Bun and couldn't find any store that had one. I decided to check E-bay to see what I found. Nothing labeled "blue and white Kids Preferred bunny rabbit." I DID however find a "blue and white Kids Preferred PUPPY/bunny!" I checked out the picture and saw that someone thought that Bun-Bun was a puppy dog. Turns out--after looking at other puppy pictures, most everyone who has what Luke has thinks it is a puppy dog!!! I was in shock! I immediately told Chad and we cautiously took a look at Luke's Bun-Bun--pulled down his ears and realized he might have actually been a puppy all along!!!

Luke does not know this, nor will he ever know until he read this blog----many, many years from now! :) Luke's little Bun-Bun will forever be a bunny in his heart. A couple of days ago, Luke asked, "Mommy, will I have Bun-Bun when I grow up?" After wondering, "Why would he think otherwise and who's the punk who might have told him otherwise?" I then teared up because my little boy will grow up one day and will leave Bun-Bun behind. However, I responded with an emotionally strong, "As long as you want him, you will have him!" And he smiled the biggest smile and my happy little Luke and his Bun-Bun went off to play!

Luke and his ever-precious Bun-Bun!!


Anonymous said...

I love that you shared this story! Especially because I have a special love for all things bunny. :)

Unknown said...

You are right--what a wonderful blog! And of course he can still have Bun-Bun...he just might have to chill with Bobby instead of making so many public appearances!

And Buddy got a shout out, but the other infamous lovie did not get and's ok Stella, we know you're part of the gang too!

Anonymous said...

actually, and unfortunately for stella, Luke has been decreasing the breadth of his affection. Stella has been offered in negotiations on a couple of occassions and has sat unwanted in the hallway for days now.


Anonymous said...

This reminds me of Jane's "Dolly." She wouldn't part with it (and it too got pretty rank smelling over time) I used to slip it out of her hands when she was sleeping so I could wash it. She ended up sucking the face off it. Literally. It has no face now. Saddest thing: the other day I found it under her bed. Just scrunched up in a heap. I put it on Jane's bookshelf. I felt bad for "her"--the poor little forgotten no face doll.

ferniBlog said...

A friend showed me a website that you can print your blog in photobook format! I'll send the link to you! :)

TheSturms said...

That's so great that you captured this story! In terms of printing out your blog, I have started also putting the text of my blogs in with related pictures in my Shutterfly photobooks. That way I have a hard copy version of stories, etc., as well.

I took my childhood pink panther to college; when I was making my bed one day, his arm got stuck between the bed and the wall and it ripped him and all of his stuffing apart. He still lives in my bedroom dresser back home, much in need of mending, so you may have Bun-bun living with YOU 30 years from now : )

Anonymous said...

Bun bun will always be remembered even when he's not around. There are many pictures of Luke with precious bun-bun. I do love the way Luke has bun-bun talking and hopping all around. Poor, poor Stella - love, Mimi

The Keller's said...

What a sweet post. I loved it! Thanks for sharing!


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