Thursday, November 6, 2008

Luke votes 2008!

Chad and I chose NOT to mention either way who we voted for to Luke and Charlie (like Charlie would have a clue either way about what we have or haven't said). All Luke has heard us talk about were the LONG lines to early vote. He knows the names of both candidates and that's about it.

On election night, I decided to have Luke weigh in on our country's election . . .not sure where he gets his opinions, but it sure is cute! I tried SUPER hard to get this posted on election night, but had trouble with the size, etc. Thanks so much to my friend Chris Hill, who is a huge computer genius and took time to talk me through some steps to finally get this posted! Additionally, after you hear Luke weigh in, my sweet husband finally decided to blog again after months without doing so. It appears our national election moved him to speak too!


mrchrishill said...

Awesome! Sorry I wasn't more help, but if I knew how cute this video was, then I would have quit my job and got it online right away.

Awesome vote Luke - how do you think his foreign policy will effect the current economic crisis?

amber@This Mommy Cooks said...

Lindley that is hilarious!

Miss Angie said...

That's just precious!!


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