Sunday, November 9, 2008

long run thoughts

Several of you have been asking how my half-marathon training is going. After my 8.1 mile run yesterday, I can say it's great. Last week though, after running just 7 miles, I thought I was going to die! It's funny/annoying to me how I'm never sure how I will feel after a run. Some days are great, some are tough. Here's a brief glimpse into my run yesterday. . .

Yesterday was beautiful---it was crisp and cool, but sunny. I made sure to take some Emergen-C (that powder you put in water) to give me an energy boost. I also had a slice of raisin bread before running. Usually, I don't have breakfast beforehand because I worry about getting cramps, but I thought trying to tackle 8 miles on an empty stomach would be rough. I also had my iPod with me, which I've been using on longer runs. However, the running mix I created back when I started this goal ended at about 40 minutes. I was to be running for an hour and 20 minutes this time, so I found my Sing-Along songs playlist I created a long time ago. I'm running through some great songs when suddenly, Celine Dion's "It's All Coming Back to Me Now" comes on. Don't know if you know the song--but it starts out pretty slow. I almost skipped it, but something made me keep listening. Some of you know this about me---I used to love Celine Dion. In fact, I still think she's one of the greatest singers of all time! Back when she was in full force, right before Chad and I got married, my roomie, Erika, her boyfriend at the time and Chad and I went to her concert. It was AMAZING!!!! There are four responses I can picture you having now. It's either A) Oh, I love her too! B) Yep, she's great, but I'd never tell anyone I think so. C) Laughing out loud, because you think it's funny I'm admitting I love her or D) Ummm, I don't think we should be friends anymore. My sister would choose D, but she's related to me, so she still has to be my sister!

Anyway, Celine helped me power through for a little bit. Then I started thinking about our dear friends Lauren and Ben. They just finished the NYC maraton!! That's 26.2 miles!!! I was thinking about how Lauren was told to tape her name somewhere on her so as she was running the crowd would shout Go Lauren and cheer her on! So, as I was running, I wondered if I could do that in a half-marathon, because I was going to need it! In fact, during one of the toughest points of my run yesterday, I considered saying to people as they passed me going the opposite direction "Hey, I could use a little encouragement!" and "Could you give me a quick pep talk?" Yep, I put aside all of my pride during runs. Why not ask for help? I didn't yesterday, but that doesn't mean that I won't be begging for encouragement in the future! I only have 3 weeks left before this run and a couple of long runs still ahead.

All in all the running is going well. Chad and I are still rotating days for our runs. It has been LOTS easier to run at 6am now that it is daylight again. I'm hoping that can last a little longer as we approach race day. Also, as I mentioned in an earlier post, we are running as members of Team Sam Grant. Please keep little Sam (he's the 7 month old son of friends in our Sunday School class) in your prayers as he is enduring chemo to get rid of his eye cancer. He's a champ!

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