Tuesday, June 3, 2008

ready, set, summertime!

It's officially summertime in Memphis with the weather reaching 95 degrees! Anyone else ready for the snow again?? I guess I'm outnumbered with my fair skin and can't-take-the-heat-body, but it turns out our little Charlie might be ready for the winter too. We were informed on Friday, that our little one has a medical condition called prickly heat. His entire face and neck have what appears to be baby acne all over him. However, it's not baby acne--it's clogged sweat glands. Apparently with prickly heat (also known as miliaria rubra for those of you internet medical junkies) the rash and bumps itch and can feel like pins and needles. Poor little Charlie! Oh, and the treatment for prickly heat----avoid hot and humid conditions!! So, we're moving to Michigan (Elisabeth and Mandy--are you ready for us?).

Okay, so we're not really moving, but it looks like our electric bill will be much higher this summer since we have to crank the air to keep Charlie nice and cool. Anything to keep him from being itchy and miserable though.

Luke still gets to play in the sun though. We had our first pool party this weekend at my parents house. Luke had a blast "swimming" again and has absolutely NO fear of the water---it's scary! We even went swimming with some friends today and he didn't mind getting dunked. We had to have some talks about not jumping into the pool when Mommy isn't watching! The boy thinks he will float!!

Do you people think I'd actually be afraid???

Luke having a blast while Daddy and Grandpa watch

Taking a breather---ahhh, this is the life!

Mimi gets some cuddle time with Charlie in the shade


amber@This Mommy Cooks said...

oh no! so sorry for Charlie! And let me tell you how big boy Luke looks! I can't believe it! Miss you!

Anonymous said...

Yah, don't want to hear about the heat! (hah!) It's a Cool high 40's, low 50's, rainy, windy and flat out cold here in the PNW!! It was so cold last night I actually put the electric blanket back on my side of the bed....ahhhh, send some our way! We'll halve it and it can be 70 both places!!

Poor Charlie! Is this something that will "resolve" as he gets bigger?


Miss Angie said...

Oh no Miss! I copied your 1st paragraph & sent to Meliss. Last time I was over-her little one had some 'baby acne' on his forehead as well! I too have wondered how my electric bill will be-my 1st summer in a house, not apartment...before the end of May, we already had hit 98 degrees! Yikes. . .


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