Tuesday, May 27, 2008

6 weeks old!

Charlie is now 6 weeks old and adorable. He's just starting to show his first smiles--so rewarding!!! He's also just starting to make some cooing noises too--I love them. He's added so much to our family already! Luke is having a blast as well. He adores his little brother and wants to be with him ALL the time (like when Charlie is napping--I remember loving watching my little sister sleep too)!

I was telling a friend today that in some ways I absolutely can believe it's been 6 weeks (the nights can be long and little sleep stinks), but in other ways, it seems like time has flown by! Before he was born, I had some friends tell me that having 2 kids is so much easier than having 1, and some friends tell me that having 2 kids is harder than having 1. I'm definitely on the fence between both camps right now. I need a little more time before I decide which camp to join--catch me after Charlie starts sleeping through the night--I'll be in a better frame of mind! :)

Little Charlie is 6 weeks old!

An example of Luke wanting to doing everything with Charlie--tummy time!! Additionally, we don't just let Charlie bury his head in the ground normally!

Luke--showing me he's smiling and Charlie just chillin' with his big brother!


Ashley said...

your boys are absolutely ADORABLE!!! i mean seriously, could they be any cuter?! :)

amber@This Mommy Cooks said...

awww so cute! Charlie looks like he has long legs!

Anonymous said...

Wow, Charlie looks like he has grown since we've been gone. Can't wait to see them later today. Luke & Charlie are sooooooo cute!! LOve you Mimi

Miss Angie said...

That's so sweet! I was at Melissa's house last weekend & big sis is always giving "kissies" to little brother. It's really sweet how the older sibling takes care of the younger one!


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