Friday, June 20, 2008

Playing with the boys!

Right now, we have 5 or maybe 6 birth announcements on our refridgerator and all of them are for BOYS! Yippeee for the boys, but I'm wondering where the girls are in Memphis? Little Charlie is going to have lots of little boy buddies to play with, but eventually, we'll want him to date (though don't worry, I'm not wishing his life away). I'm thinking he'll have to have long distance relationships with his girlfriends as most of our out-of-town friends have just had or are having girls soon--6 that come to mind. But for now, he's having fun playing with boys!

Micah and Charlie having fun!

Sam and Charlie---they look a little tuckered out from all of the playing!


Anonymous said...

Seriously - we need some girls! But, we have the makings of a great football team! :)

The Keller's said...

I've been meaning to post forever, but I am sure you understand how having 2 boys keeps one busy! I've been keeping up with your blog through Mandy and find our lives really do parallel! I remember Mandy mentioning you a time or 2 as well because we are both in love with your name! :) Your newest addition is just beautiful and I am sure you are having fun with 2 boys! I also wanted to tell you that I grew up in we have even more in common! Take care and God Bless your precious family!

Anonymous said...

This is great info to know.


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