Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The men (and boys) in my life!

I'm not a father, so Father's Day, wasn't a day all about me. It was, however, super special for me to be a part of. We spent the day with my family eating, watching golf, playing golf (well Chad and my dad did), swimming, eating and watching more golf. What more could you ask for? I absolutely love my family! It was so much fun celebrating my dad and Chad and watching my hubby as a dad too. God has truly blessed me. The only thing missing was Chad's dad (Luke and Charlie's "Poppy") up in Virginia. Hope you had a Happy Father's Day too, Poppy!

Happy Father's Day to my favorite men!

My 3 boys!

Grandpa and his grandsons!

Poppy and Luke--cool dudes!


Miss Angie said...

Yep, Miss, I thought of you when my Dad & I were watching golf on Father's Day. I was remembering "Mina & Angie's Golf Guide" that you typed up for us, when we went to the Byron Nelson. :)

Miss Angie said...

yes - I still blush! I like to think I'm better at it (I HAVE been working w/ Prater for about 7 years now). Sometimes (well, always) I wish you were there, putting the (unlit) candle on your face saying "aah it's so nice & cool". lol - do you remember doing that?


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