Monday, June 16, 2008

having F-U-N

We've been so busy this past week, but it's been F-U-N! Chad and I were talking a couple of weeks ago about how we could get caught up in the routine of life with 2 and get in a rut. So we've decided to make extra-special efforts to just add some pizzazz to our life. Nothing big, nothing fancy, just making sure we soak up and enjoy our time together as a family!

This weekend we grabbed dinner out on Friday night and headed to dessert at Jerry's Sno Cones afterward. We've never been to Jerry's, but it has come highly recommended from different friends here in town. Luke was thrilled! He wanted strawberry flavor, I think because he's very into the color red right now. He says it's his favorite color somewhere around 20 times a day---cute! We made some new friends, got messy and just had a fun time. It's simple outings and treats like this we really want to focus on!

Diggin' in!

Little Charlie gets a bite too! Okay, not really.

See my red lips?

Mommy and Luke enjoying their time!


mrchrishill said...

Great pictures! Jerry's is a great spot for a summer family outing!

This post makes me want to go there this afternoon.

Anonymous said...

yummy! i want to go to jerrys!


amber@This Mommy Cooks said...

you are so brave to let Luke eat a red snow cone with a white shirt on! =) He must be much neater than Jacks.


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