Wednesday, June 11, 2008

In the name of love. . .

Those of you who have been reading my blog for a while or who know me at all, know that Wal-Mart and I do NOT have a relationship. I cannot stand going in the store and try never to do so. I literally have a physical reaction even approaching the place. This is not for snobby reasons. It is because I can't tolerate crazy lines or clogged aisles or just feeling overwhelmed by so much stuff!

So, imagine me today, when I HAD to go into Wal-Mart. Our sweet little Charlie is on a special type of lactose free formula and the other day I realized we were running low. I made a trip to my Super Target (love this place) and gasp, they didn't have our formula! I made a trip to Walgreens and they were out too. I assumed that Costco wouldn't carry it and I found myself facing one of my greatest annoyances. . . going to Wal-Mart.

After Charlie's 8 week shots today, I decide to brave it with him. Luke was playing with his friend, Mary Ross, or I really wouldn't have done it, knowing the trip would have been that much longer. We pull up and immediately find a parking place. I'm shocked because I've never seen this place even remotely empty. I take a deep breath, look at the big Wal-Mart sign and plead with it thinking "We don't have to be at war!" But, we go inside and the place is SO crowded. People are in the middle of the aisles just talking and no one can get around them. I finally make it to the baby section and drum roll. . .they don't have our formula. Who the heck is buying up all of the lactose free formula?? If you know them, please let me know!! I want to beg them to save me a can in Target so I never have to go into Wal-Mart again. After my initial annoyance that they were out of formula, I was quickly relieved when I didn't have to wait in those lines, and just got out of there as fast as I could!

However, when I look at this precious face, I would go there everyday of the week if he needed me too. Oh, and by the way, Charlie isn't going to starve. Our trusty Kroger saved the day!

8 weeks old!


Ashley said...

such a precious picture of charlie! -and i'm totally with you on the wal-mart thing! ;)

Mary said...

You were right-I don't believe you!

I went to get pictures printed a few weeks, having a noodle fight (you know, giant foam pool toys) and I kept getting smacked. After many dirty looks, the lady at the CAMERA CENTER said something, NOT the parents!

I feel your pain...and my oh my do you love your little boys to say you'd go there every day! At least Luke is a fan of Target, we'll have to ensure baby Charlie is too!

Anonymous said...

He's so precious!

I, too, have a loathing of Wal-Mart, and in the interest of frugality have attempted to go there a couple of times in the last month. NEVER AGAIN. I don't understand how it can take 20 minutes to check out when there are only 2 people in line in front of me. And, seriously, what is up with the standing in the aisles and letting all the kids run around crazy? I had a kid in heelies almost run me over the other day.

OK, rant over... :) WM brings out the worst in me, and Super Target just makes me happy. :) The sanity is worth the few extra bucks.

Totally feel your pain on the formula - when we were having to find Neosure, I had to drive all over town. I just started buy in bulk at Babies R Us on the weekends. Hope it gets easier to find!!!

Miss Angie said...

Awww Miss! What a cute baby! I wish you lived closer to me. I'd go to Wal-Mart with you!

TheSturms said...

Lindley - I totally understand about Wal-Mart -- we don't have many up here; it's just not a PNW relic.... BTW, a great way to get baby things FAST is from If you order over $49 worth, shipping is free. I just got some diapers and disposable bibs in 2 days, free shipping (ordered Monday and came one Wed.) -- They sell all kinds of formula, baby bottles, other items at pretty decent prices. And it all shows up at your door fast and free of shipping! Just a tip to save the hunt for the formula!

Sarah S.

Anonymous said...

Ha! I totally have the same relationship with Walmart. I just wish Costco carried our brand of tp and facial tissues so I could avoid Walmart forever! Oh, and a five letter word in boggle is 2 points. Good job! :)


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