Monday, May 12, 2008

straight from Luke's mouth

Obviously we have had lots of change going on around our house since Charlie has been born. As a result of having some new things/people in our house, Lukey has made some funny things to say . . .mainly surrounding breastfeeding!

For example, one day Luke came downstairs and saw me (not nursing, for once) and exclaimed, "Mommy's wearing her shirt!" (Normally, that might not be so funny or unusual, but due to nursing, Luke has learned LOTS of new things.)

Let me set the scenario for this next one. I'm sitting on the couch, giving Charlie a bottle for one of the first times. Luke walks up and says, "I want Mommy to feed baby Charlie!" I tell him I am feeding baby Charlie. He responds with an urgent tone, "No, I want you to feed him!" (with a big emphasis on "feed"). It then hits me that he doesn't realize that I am feeding him with a bottle since he's used to me feeding him boobs!

Additionally, Luke thinks the breast pump is the coolest thing other than his cars. We've heard "Mommy, will you please pump?" on multiple occasions. While I haven't exactly felt comfortable pumping in front of Luke, it's not easy to find times without him around. So, he's learned about that too!

And finally, though there have been many, MANY more hilarious quotes, I have to share this one. It doesn't relate to Charlie eating, but it happened at our dinner table the other night. Chad's parents were in town and his mom prepared us some edamame beans. Chad has eaten them, but Luke and I have never tried them. We sit down to dinner and ask Luke to try them. Just in case you don't know how to pronounce them, it's eh-da-MAH-me (so it sounds like mommy on the end). We tell Luke they are edamame beans and he starts calling them edadaddy beans, edaLukey beans, edaCharlie beans, edaNana beans, edaPoppy beans, edabutter (for brother) and edasister beans. It was adorable!!


amber@This Mommy Cooks said...

Those are too funny! I'm looking forward to hearing what comes out of Jacks mouth once Wil arrives. I hope you guys are all doing super. Miss you!

Miss Angie said...

Hilarious! I'm going to be Melissa's "manny" this summer & I can't wait to see how cutie Alex copies everything she sees/hears. As for the edamame beans, those are GREAT - you should get some at Pei Wei & sprinkle the salt all over them. Yum!

Erika said...

What adorable stories! 2-year olds are awesome! How precious!!! :) Many times I have thought about writing down some things here and there that Lauryn has said or done... It will be great years from now to look back at some of these fun stories from "the toddler years".
Hope you're doing well! Talk to you soon!

Sara said...

That is stinkin's hilarious!! At least you are getting some laughs amidst the chaos of adjusting to two! We need some close-ups of that sweet boy's face! Hope you are doing well!

Anonymous said...

You definitely need to keep a book with the things Luke says. I promise you one day you'll wish you had written them down. So did Luke like the edamame beans? That's so cute. Love, Mimi


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