Thursday, May 15, 2008

I am thankful

"Thank the Lord, because he is good. His love continues forever." -- Psalm 107:1

I am thankful for everything the Lord has given us. He has blessed us tremendously.

I am thankful for my husband, who amazes me with how supportive and loving he is to me, and is providing for us, so that I can have the best job in the world!

I am thankful for my 2 precious, sweet and adorable boys, who have made me a Mommy, a dream I have always wanted, but never knew could be this wonderful.

I am thankful for our families, who have shown us love and given so much of their time and energy over the past 4 weeks. We couldn't have welcomed Charlie home in this way without you!

I am thankful for my friends, who have called to check on us, sent sweet cards and encouraging emails and have been providing meals for our family. Every bit of your thoughtfulness means so much to us!

1 comment :

Anonymous said...

We're thankful for the four of you. Thank you


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