Wednesday, April 2, 2008


So I contemplated writing an April Fool's blog yesterday saying baby Charlie came, but I didn't want to jinx myself before today's dr. appt. Apparently, it didn't matter. So here I am, at 39 weeks and 2 days (but who's counting) and haven't dilated more than 1/2 a centimeter!

My dr. tells me today that we are officially scheduling an induction date for April 15th, but the lady who actually scheduled the induction thinks it will be pushed back to April 17th, because the time slot given to me on the 15th wouldn't fly with my dr. So, I'm frustrated!!

Some of you may remember when I was pregnant with Luke that all I wanted was the "movie scene" of birth stories. I've always thought it would be SO cool to roll over in the middle of the night and say, "Honey--I think it's time!" I've envisioned us running around throwing things in bags and running red lights on the way to the hospital. How fun and exciting! But, that didn't happen with Luke and I was, in fact, induced. Turned out that was perfect--everything went smoothly. However, with Luke, I had already dilated to 2cm. at 38 weeks, so I didn't go past his due date.

Well, my sweet friend reminded me today, that all I have wanted was the movie scene and she thinks that now I have guaranteed I will get that, since my induction date is set to 8 days (and possibly 10) after Charlie's due date. Now, I'm in shock! I know, I know, my due date hasn't even come (Chad has reminded me of that several times today), but I'm beginning to think baby Charlie may just be stuck!!

With Luke, I packed my hospital bags at 36 weeks. Yes, I was very ready. I convinced myself that because I packed those bags so early, he didn't come until being induced. This time around, I told myself not to pack bags early--there was no point (secretly thinking, maybe that will make baby show up early). Sure enough, the bags aren't packed and now baby Charlie hasn't come. I guess that just shows it doesn't really matter when you pack 'em, God's in control, not me, playing my little head games!

So, there. I feel a little better. I've vented. Now, I just need to sit back and relax. God has his reasons and maybe He just wants us to enjoy some more family time--just the three of us--before the wee little one arrives. But, if any of you have any sure fire remedies to bring labor on, now's the time to tell me!!!!


julie smith said...

Hang in there, I remember all those head games I would play with myself hoping that Daphne would arrive on time. I completely understand how fustrating it can be espeically when they plan an induction that seems like it's never going to come. Don't give up on the movie scene still possible it happened to me. Good luck and we will thinking of you all.

Mary said...

Aww, hang in there Biffer! Little Charlie might be wanting to enter the world on HIS terms!

As far as remedies...walking, spicy food, and "brown chicken brown cow"...that's what I've heard!!! (Obviously I wouldn't know first hand!)

Heather said...

Okay so pack your sounds exciting but from someone who has been there it really isn't fun to be in pain and trying to pack a bag. You end up with random clothes you don't need and nothing you do need (such as a home cordless phone).
I was only 1/2 a cm. the day before I had don't give up hope :)
Also maybe he is just waiting for hte 7th...a great day to be born.


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